About Us

Specialty: Neurosurgeon with expertise in Spine and Pain management

Certification: Royal College of Physician and Surgeons

Residency: University of Toronto - Neurosurgery

Medical School / Premed: Komenskeho University

Inventions: Electrode for brain stimulation, On demand brain stimulation

Discovery:  Vagal Evoked potentials in man     

Awards: 7 Awards for research, 2 Awards for Excellence in teaching

Publications: Participated in approximately 30 scientific papers

Special Interests: Asian Energy Healing Systems, Mind Body Spirit Medicine, Spirituality .

Community Involvement: Beyond individual care: Dr. Hudoba goes beyond providing quality health care for the individuals. For several years, Dr. Hudoba has offered free seminars on improvement of health. Currently, he is actively involved in research projects in alternative medicine. He extensively travels to participate in Mind Body and Spirit Integrative Medicine movement in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.


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