The Official Web Site of Dr. Hudoba Spinal Care Clinic,      Vancouver, BC.

Our clinic provides integrated multi - disciplinary treatment of spinal problems and pain syndromes with Warmth, Compassion and Understanding.

We combine non-surgical treatment methods together with Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Counseling, and Educational programs.

Our objective is to provide the highest quality comprehensive care with emphasis on holistic approach to improve overall quality of lives of our patients.

Dr. Hudoba specializes in the conservative, non-surgical management of acute and chronic spinal problems and non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes, including:

   *      Back and neck pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, degeneration and others      

   *      Back and neck pain and stiffness resulting from injuries, falls, or other causes

   *      Low back pain

   *      Sciatica

   *      Acute and chronic musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders and injuries, (such as myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia)

   *      Chronic pain disorders of other causes


Dr. Hudoba reviews your medical records, conducts a thorough history taking and examination, and analyzes your pain. If necessary, Xray, CT, MRI or other diagnostic examinations are ordered. After a thorough review of your history, your presenting symptoms, the findings of your physical examination and the results of all diagnostic testing, Dr. Hudoba develops a treatment program that is specifically tailored to your injury or pain, combining his personal skills and expertise of physiotherapy personnel.

Among the Therapeutic Procedures available are:

   *      Muscle and joint injections

   *      Trigger Points Injections

   *      Lumbar epineurial steroid injections

   *      Facet injections

   *      Nerve blocks


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